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:: About Me :: Hello! I'm a 21 year old student studying Computer Science at Eastern Michigan University with experience in Java, Scala, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP. Some technologies I am familiar with are VueJS, React, Laravel, Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS, and Apache Spark. I enjoy biking, working on side projects, competing in hackathons, building a computerized Christmas light display, and watching science fiction TV shows/movies.
:: Contact Info :: let's get in touch! email= github= nathan815 linked_in= nathanielcjohnson stack_overflow= 507629/nathan
:: Site Info :: Built with JavaScript, with a hint of jQuery Webpack for module bundling and ES6 transpiling NPM for JS dependency management Hosted on Netlify


Enemy Clouds (Dec 2017) github repo or try it on expo A Flappy Bird-like game that I made for my COSC 231 "Internet-based Computing" class. It was my first React Native app. The project was originally to make an app with MIT App Inventor but we were given the choice to use another system or framework, so I decided to learn React Native and build my app with it. It was an interesting experience and is what sparked my interest in React Native.
FishNet (Oct 2017) view devpost submission An Android app that helps make your fishing life easier and lazier. It works with a Bluetooth fishing "bobber" to alert you when a fish has been caught. It also lets you share a picture/info about it within the app as well as plotting the catch location on the map of fish catches.
EcoSPAN (Jan 2018) view devpost submission An iOS app built with Swift to help people in a crisis communicate. It uses mesh networking to connect phones from one to another and enables communication without an internet connection.
The Swan Station (2014-Present) see website or trello for v2.0 A web-based game simulation of "The Hatch" from LOST, where players must enter the numbers every 108 minutes to stop the electromagnetic radiation from building up and destroying the island/world. Originally built with procedural PHP and jQuery, I'm currently working on rebuilding it from scratch with VueJS + Vuex, Laravel, Redis, and This is teaching me a bit about software design patterns and modern component-based frontend development.
Learning A-Z Offline Books (Summer 2018) As my main project during my Summer 2018 Internship at Learning A-Z, this is a feature I added to the Kids A-Z Android App that allows students to choose a book to save for offline reading at a later time (this would later be able to be expanded to multiple books). It's not yet released, but there are plans for it being released in the future. view info slides
Fast and Mobile: Building Apps with React Native view slides This is a presentation I gave during my internship at Learning A-Z about building cross-platform mobile apps with React Native. I introduced the audience to React & React Native fundamentals (installation, components, props, state, etc), and then live coded a stopwatch app to demonstrate the fundamentals. Using, I was able to allow everyone to try it out on their own phone as I was coding it.
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